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 khloe pierce

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khloe pierce

khloe pierce

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{your birthplace is? : bulgaria
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Khlo/Cass, 19, bulgaria, amber heard.

Khloe was lastborn of the Petrova, better known as Pierce, family. She's the youngest and also the most spoiled one. But she knows how to take care of herself. She has two older sisters, Katherine and Brookyln who were always envious of her gorgeous looks, even though they are both extremly beautiful. She always puts herself first, protects herself first, then she helps others, so she's kind of selfish and self-centered. except to those whom she loves, to those she is caring and kind and overly protective. it's not good to pick a fight with her because she'll kick your ass and make you never forget. it's also not advised to get on her bad side because then she can be a bitch and really mess up your life.
Khloe's childhood was great, she had two sisters with which she always played tag, hide and seek and such games. then, when she was 14 she was kidnapped by a group of strangers who abused her, she never told this to anybody, but she's dying to. her sisters thought she ran away. then one night when the abusers were asleep she snuck out of the house and ran through the woods but one of the guys followed her and as he was chasing her through the woods a mysteryous man appeared out of nowhere, grabbed the man who was chasing her by his collar and disappeared, all this incredibly fast, she never saw the man who saved her again. she kept running untill she came back home. when she was kidnapped she also found out she's not really Katherine's sister and she kept it a secret from her ever since, because she was afraid of her reaction, even though kat never cared much for her. She was pretty torn up about that, because she never did anything to katherine and she didn't understand why she hated her. at the age of 19 the Originals came into town and took her and katherine away from their family. khloe instantly fell for kol, in all of his bad brother glory, and klaus, the big bad hybrid. after a while of going back and forth between them she realized that she really loved kol, and was ready to spend an etirnity with him, so he changed her and they planned to leave klaus. unfortunately when klaus found out about this he daggered kol, and khloe ran away. she was lost,... a newborn without anyone to tell her how it works she had to adjust to it all by herself. she didn't, couldn't go back for katherine because she also ran earlier that same day. she didn't know where katherine went and she didn't know where was brooklyn so she set out, to make her mark, find andventure instead adventure found her. and her adventure began here, in mystic falls.
she never unfell for kol though, he was the only man she trusted even if he was selfish and self-centered, well just like she was at times but that's what made them work so great together. they were perfectly imperfect. but over the years she had a few boy-toys. who's gonna be her next one? or will the one she loves return?

Spela, 16, CET.

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khloe pierce
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