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 amber winchester

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amber winchester

amber winchester

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Join date : 19/06/2013
{your birthplace is? : dallas
{your quote? : don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life

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amber, 20, dallas, megan fox.

amber angelina winchester is the typical popular mean girl from highschool. well, kinda. she's a monster hunter. just like her brothers, sam and dean. heard about them? no? then you really don't matter. well, they don't want her to be a monster hunter, since she's their little innocent sister that they both love dearly. but she does it anyway. it gives her some kind of a thrill, seeing those creatures die because of her. i guess she got that from their father. oh well. but above all that she likes to do all the things young people like to do. she loves to party, she loves drinking, she loves pies (yeah, she got that from dean) and she likes spending time with friends. no friend of hers knows that she's a hunter, well why should she tell them anyway. she'll put them and herself in danger and they wouldn't believe her anyway. she ain't that stupid. when it comes to love, well she's never been in love. she's not that foolish naive girl who lets guys screw her over. she's more of a 'hard to get' kinda girl. sure, she flirts with them, let them think they have a chance but no guy gets what he wants in the end. after seeing all those stupid guys, just wanting one thing from her, she decided that love doesn't exist, isn't important and she'll never fall in love. pretty hardcore, huh? over the years, dean has put her in danger alot of times. it was very hard at first, when she was a teenager, and she hasn't forgive him since. she didn't have a carefree childhood because of him. but now she knows how tough it is with all those monsters all around the world. well she didn't have a dreamy childhood, but what can you do.
amber prefers to be called amber and nothing else, but special people can call her angie, since her middle name is angelina. she can and will destroy you if you start a rumour about her, if you say something not nice about her or if you do anything to hurt her or her family. people think that she's fragile, just because she's a girl. well newsflash, girls can fight much better than guys when they have such will and body like amber. she has survived many deaths in the family, but you don't see her crying about it.sure, it stings, but she doesn't let emotions control her. but agter all that strong, independent and perfect there is after all a fragile girl who just wants to be loved. she just never shows that and probably never will.
she came to mystic falls with hope that she can find some monsters and kills them effortlessly.

nika, 15, slovenian time zone.

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amber winchester
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