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 kol mikaelson

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kol mikaelson

kol mikaelson

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{your birthplace is? : like anyone needs to know that?
{your quote? : tell me how handsome i am

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So.. everyone knows Kol Mikaelson. And if u don't, don't worry, you aren't missing much. Unless you like sarcastic, selfish, self-centered, stubborn and incredibly charming man. Than you are. 
He was born in 10th century to mother Esther and father Mikael. They are the reason he is a vampire. They made him and all his siblings blood-sucking creatures. But thats not a bad thing for Kol. I mean, being forever young and one of the strongest creatures who walked the Earth, who wouldnt want that?
After he was killed, he was sent on the other side and was a ghost. While the bond between dead and alive was 'broken', Kol found a powerfull witch and made a deal with her. She let him out of the dead ones, but his part of the deal, well that's gonna stay a secret.


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kol mikaelson
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